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  • Autumn Self-Care Tips

    Making time for self-care is keeping a priority as the season changes. When it’s cold outside and there seems to only be about two hours of daylight for months on end, a lot of people tend to feel to the ‘winter blues’ or even Seasonal Depression. This usually means we put taking care of our mental, physical, and emotional needs on the back-burner.
    Check out these different ways to pump up for your self-care in the autumn/winter months.
    1. Wash your winter bedding and make your bed
    2. Light your favorite autumn-themed scented candle
    3. Write about your fave autumn-related things in your journal
    4. Set an alarm for medication
    5. Drink plenty of water
    6. Eat warm, comforting meals that you enjoy
    7. Bake your favorite autumnal treats
    8. Drink warm drinks
    9. Run warm baths and have hot showers with your favorite autumn-themed products
    10. Slather – and I mean slather – yourself in body butter and moisturizer
    11. Take cozy naps under blankets
    12. Make some extra appointments with your therapist
    13. Wrap up in a big hoodie and comfy clothes to do yoga
    14. Set autumn goals
    15. Go for a walk in nature
    16. Practicing gratitude – what about autumn actually makes you feel grateful and positive?
    17. Watch your favorite spooky movies
    18. Arrange cozy movie nights with loved ones
    19. Decorate your home in autumnal colors and/or Halloween decorations
    20. Enforce boundaries and protect your energy that might be lacking at this time of year
    Also don’t forget that on Wednesdays we offer Creative Coping which is a great way to get in some self-care time during these autumn months.
    Reply back to this email if you would like to join us for our next Creative Coping event!