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  • Did You Pick a 2023 Word of the Year?

    Now that we’re almost 2 weeks into the New Year, I settled on my 2023 Word Of The Year (WOTY)!  I picked RECOVERY.

    2022 was a year of growth personally & professionally.

    It was exactly what I hoped & prayed for when I picked “grow” as my 2022 WOTY.

    With the help of my family, an amazing team, a spiritual coach, business coach, my strong friends, and a new therapist (it takes a village y’all) this lil ole private practice grew quickly as I healed from:

    prolonged grief

    spiritual conflict

    performance-based worth


    hustle mindset


     No one tells you that after you do the work and after you start to heal, you also need to rest and recover.

    Working on yourself is exhausting and life’s ups and downs just keep going.

    So 2023 will be all about RECOVERY.

    That means intentional rest, radical self-care, and hard boundaries…

    That’s the energy you’ll see from this chica & this practice in 2023.

     How about you?