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  • Fun and Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude Daily

    There are many examples of a gratitude practice that can be done with a journal or even in different ways. Check out the ways below. 

     Gratitude Dump: we love this one. A gratitude dump consists of you writing every single thing that you are grateful for that will come to mind in that moment. Some people like to set a timer of 1 minute and they will write out all the wonderful things they are grateful for.

    Gratitude Bullet Journal: A gratitude bullet journal combines unique creativity and drawings with your writing. There are many ways that you can spend time doodling in your gratitude journal and it’s a great way of putting your ideas into art.

    One line a Day Gratitude Journal: If you’re not ready to start prompts, write one sentence a day where you share what you are grateful for. At the end of the year, you can look back and simply read through all the exciting things you highlighted.

    Write a Thank You Note: There are many people in your life who you can thank – writing a thank you note for even a small act can go a long way.

    Daily Gratitude Journal Prompts: We cover a few prompts below but there are many other options online that you can review that provide prompts for a gratitude journal.

    Which way are you going to try today?