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  • It’s okay to rest

    I know this will be a good reminder this Labor Day weekend. You need it and I do too. The reminder?

    It’s okay to rest.

    If you’re like me or 90% of the busy bees that I serve, this is so difficult. We’re used to being busy, always grinding, & staying ready..


    to work

    to serve

    to help

    to react

    to clean

    to text

    to call

    to go

    to respond

    to drive

    to sacrifice  

    It’s okay to rest. 

    What does rest look like for you?  

    I know you feel guilty, selfish, & anxious about this.  

    I used to be worried, especially about “wasting” time.  But my restful time is so deserved and so worth it. It’s an investment in my overall wellness.

    Whether it’s napping, exploring parks, looking up to notice the sky and trees, practicing meditation & mindfulness…just being still.  

    I don’t need to earn it or justify it.  

    The same goes for you too.  

    It’s okay to rest.  

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    The theme? 

    It’s okay to rest.   

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