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  • It’s Time To Sleep! A Journal

    It seems that almost every week there is a thought theme or pattern of symptoms that pop up for multiple clients.  I usually call this “what’s on fire.”   

    Often symptoms seem to manifest into multiple fires.  

    If we could put out some of these fires before they cause any more damage, life would be a little bit better.  

    Unfortunately, right now  “what’s on fire” is that so many people are having a hard time sleeping. This tends to pop up often for people who experience prolonged stress, depression, and anxiety,  but sleep issues can especially pop up during seasonal transitions.   

    They are not able to sleep, but it’s not due to their old mattress, back pain, or breathing issues, it’s because their racing thoughts just. won’t. stop. For many I have suggested trying to write down thoughts before you go to bed. 

    I went on a search to find a journal that has specific prompts that I feel could really support someone who is anxious and restless. I could not find the tool I was looking for so I made it!

    Click here to order yours now!