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    Something I’ve become more and more passionate about is Self-Care. In 2019, as a seasoned Social Worker, busy mom & wife, and self-professed wonder woman, I found myself crying and sitting across the desk from another Social Worker asking for help for the first time in my life. I was almost 40 years old and strong, successful, and happy on the outside, but feeling so weak, stuck, and depressed on the inside. From that moment, I learned how to take care of myself, first, and that included a journey of radical self-care, spiritual healing, and a shift from employee to entrepreneur.  


    And through that journey, I’ve found that I love helping other women (especially the overachiever, the helper, the giver, and the people pleaser) do the same. That is why I decided to join forces with the other women of the THE EMPLOYEE TO ENTREPRENEUR SUMMIT. Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much. (~Helen Keller)


    I’m so excited to bring this free 4-day event to you! I can guarantee that this summit is not going to be like ANY you’ve attended. You can learn absolutely everything you’d ever want to know about the summit over here, but as a quick overview:


    The summit will run from 2/20 through 2/23/23. It is being hosted by Arika Davenport of She Pursues Purpose.


    Each day will be packed with amazing speakers (including myself!), who are ready to help you position, package and prepare your purpose driven business. Not only will you receive practical strategies, there are doctors & therapists to equip you with the mental strategies as well.


    There will be a pop-up Facebook group where you’ll find accountability buddies, connect with other womenpreneurs, ask questions, and whatever else we come up with!


    You can attend the summit absolutely free, but you can choose to grab the ALL-ACCESS PASS at any time. The pass will give you unlimited access to the summit (meaning you get all the videos for life), plus a ton of bonuses and resources!


    The ALL-ACCESS PASS is currently being offered at a special price, and it will disappear for good once the summit is over, so start thinking about it now!


    Are you excited?! (I sure am!)


    Head over here to learn more about THE EMPLOYEE TO ENTREPRENEUR SUMMIT and grab your free ticket. More information will be sent straight to your inbox afterwards.


    I can’t wait to get started!