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  • Mental Health Matters Monday

    Hey there, Self-Care Club!  It’s Mental Health Matters Monday.  Just made that up.  Do you like it? 

    At the end of last year, the American Psychiatric Association polled over 2000 adults about mental health. They did this in 2021 too.

     26% of the respondents reported that they anticipated dealing with more stress this year (that’s up from 20% last year). And about 37% of adults (nearly 2 out of 5) rated their mental health as “fair or poor” (that’s up from 31% a year ago.)

    The people who were more likely to report lower mental health status were young adults, lower-income adults, and parents.

    There’s good news to report though.

    Of those surveyed, more adults reported that they had plans to improve their mental health this year (by journaling, going to counseling, etc).

    The take home message is your mental health matters.  We can talk about it.  We can do something about it. 

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